ITTES – Hino prepares for a big show

This year will be the third instalment of the International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show and the third year that Hino participates in the event.

“Hino Australia has a high regard for the ITTES and believes it is one of the preeminent truck shows in the country,” says National Marketing Manager for Hino Motor Sales Australia, Paul Tuffy. “ITTES provides the opportunity to meet with both new and long term customers, interact with suppliers and socialise with industry colleagues. It is a very important event for Hino and a key part of our 2012 plans.”

In 2010, the ITTES gave Hino the opportunity to showcase its hybrid technology, as well as a number of popular models that included the TradeAce and SteelAce, a Crew Cab Auto and a 700 Series SS high roof. 

“The Hino stand attracted a lot of visitors during the course of the show with many loyal Hino customers keen to tell staff of their very positive experiences with the brand. The Hino stand also proved a very popular meeting place for many of Hino's suppliers,” explains Paul.

For 2012, Paul says the company will display a variety of trucks that reflect Hino's product range and world class automotive technology.  

The stand will once again have a strong hybrid presence and include a range of trucks across all major segments.

At the stand, visitors will be given the opportunity to take a closer look at the all-new 300 Series light duty range which was launched in October last year, with several models on display.

“The all-new 300 Series lays claim to being the safest, the best performing, the most efficient and the most comfortable light duty truck on the market,” says Paul.

A 700 Series SS heavy duty truck is expected to attract a lot of interest at the stand. And, information about the Dakar Rally, including Hino's extraordinary race record, will be available to visitors.  

“Hino Australia looks forward to being able to display its extensive range of light, medium and heavy duty trucks to new and long term customers, as well as reinforce Hino's position as the global leader in Hybrid technology,” adds Paul. 

“Hino Australia looks forward to participating in future shows and helping to raise the profile and role of the trucking industry in Australia.”

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