ITS Australia welcomes heavy vehicle smart technology trials

New funding of $1.7 million recently announced by the Federal and New South Wales Governments for trials of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) technologies has been welcomed by national peak body Intelligent Transport Systems Australia.

The Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program funds provide for pioneering projects involving heavy vehicle to infrastructure communication technologies to make roads safer.
On the busy South Sydney to Port Kembla truck corridor, the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems Initiative (CITI) provides for the fitting of dedicated short range communication transceivers to heavy vehicles that regularly travel this route.

Intelligent Transport Systems Australia Chief Executive Officer Susan Harris said this is one of the few C-ITS trials around the world focused on heavy vehicles. “This facility will be set up with major players in the logistics industry to establish this corridor as a test bed for trialling a range of C-ITS technologies in real world conditions,” said Susan Harris.

The CITI project has the potential to speed development and testing of C-ITS technologies such as:

  • Provision of real time traffic signal phase and timing (SPAT) information to the driver in the vehicle cabin.
  • Provide advanced driver alerts about conditions at intersections, particularly at high risk junctions.
  • Test approaches to communication spectrum allocation.
  • Explore issues associated with C-ITS applications in remote areas away from fixed line power supply.
  • Systems that streamline commercial activities, such as access to and from the Port.

In addition, the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program will fund a Connected Rest Area Project using C-ITS to enable heavy vehicle drivers to locate rest areas and to explore the integration of this technology within existing systems, including drivers' electronic work diaries.

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