Isuzus provide spark for Snowy Hydro

NSW-based energy company, Snowy Hydro, has taken delivery of 10 Isuzu trucks to assist its day-to-day operations in the Snowy Mountains, Australia’s highest mountain range.

The Snowy Hydro fleet of Isuzus includes one Giga EXY 455, one FSD 850 Long, three FTS 750 4×4 tippers, one FTS 750 4×4 tray truck, two FTS 800 4×4 tippers and one FTS 800 4×4 tray.

“We purchased the Giga EXY 455 this year and had it fitted with a drop deck semi-trailer,” said Snowy Hydro Logistical Supervisor, Shane Blake.

According to Blake, the FSD 850 Long has been fitted with an eight metre steel tray and will assist in transporting machinery. “The FSD 850 operates very well on the highways and hills. Its 235 horsepower engine on a six-speed gearbox is fantastic,” Blake said.

Snowy Hydro is an electricity generation and retailing company in Australia that owns, manages, and maintains the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme in NSW, which consists of nine hydro-electric power stations and 16 large dams. The company also owns and operates two gas-fired power stations in Victoria.

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