Isuzu truck trio to boost tour business

Cairns-based Heritage Tours will now benefit from the addition of three brand new Isuzu FTS 139-260 models to its fleet.

According to Heritage Tours Owner and Founder, Gary Waddington, his team has found the three models are easy to handle, particularly when negotiating Queensland’s rough terrain and unpredictable conditions.

“The drivers find the trucks comfortable and the passengers love them too,” he said.
“If anyone complains about it getting a bit rough I tell the driver to slow down, because I know the trucks can get around there without a problem.”

The three Isuzu FTS 139-26O trucks feature 191 kW at 2,400 RPM, a full-time four-wheel-drive complete with a convenient push-button centre differential lock that provides equal drive between front and rear axles when maximum traction is required.

Waddington added that his team had placed modified bodies on the back, with the newest models in the fleet seating 26 people comfortably and boasting panoramic windows, reclining seats, an on-board toilet and even a television to complete the experience.

“I started Heritage Tours in 1989 with seven landcruisers, but pretty soon I knew I had to expand,” Gary said. “Looking around, I saw that all the successful companies had Isuzu trucks – I figured they’d done their homework and wouldn’t be using them unless they were reliable.”

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