Isuzu to build EV development facility ahead of 2030 transition

Isuzu Group

Isuzu Motors Limited will establish an electric vehicle development and testing facility within its Fujisawa, Japan plant to accelerate the development of a full lineup of carbon-neutral compliant vehicles by 2030.

The plan involves introducing testing and evaluation equipment to develop systems and components optimised for commercial electric vehicles, with operations scheduled to commence in June 2026.

In striving to help realise a carbon-neutral society, Isuzu Group is committed to the deployment of electrified products across all commercial vehicle segments by 2030.

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), which are expected to become commonplace in the future, are composed of components that differ significantly from internal combustion engine vehicles.

In order to advance the development of EVs optimised for commercial use more rapidly, Isuzu sees it as essential to independently evaluate and develop systems and components.

In turn, Isuzu is investing in a new facility for the development of electric components within the Fujisawa plant.

The newly established EV development and testing facility, to be named ‘The EARTH lab’, will employ testing and evaluation equipment for components such as batteries, motors, EV systems and thermal management.

By acquiring a deeper understanding of battery characteristics, the company seeks to maximise battery management performance.

Furthermore, it is possible to optimise the functionality of combined EV components such as batteries and motors, as well as optimise the thermal management of the entire system.

“By utilising the facility for FCEV systems, Isuzu will conduct advanced energy management and thermal management optimisation at the system level,” an Isuzu Group spokesperson said.

“This will contribute to improvements in driving range and performance.”

By integrating these functionalities into the facility, the company aims to enable faster development of electric vehicles.

In May of this year, Isuzu Group unveiled a $1 trillion Japanese Yen ($10.4 billion AUD) innovation investment to drive carbon neutrality and logistics digital transformation initiatives forward.

The establishment of the new electric vehicle development and testing facility is also positioned as part of this initiative.

Isuzu Group will continue to strengthen its development framework for carbon-neutral-compliant vehicles and facilitate their widespread adoption and advancement.

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