Isuzu ticks the boxes in power and comfort

When you spend all day rolling 45kg gas cylinders on and off the back of a truck and your only reprieve is the driver's seat, the cabin refinements of your vehicle can mean the difference between a good trip and one relegated to the 'don't ask' pile.

Tim Donegan, a 20-year trucking veteran and part owner of Kyneton-based Donegan Transport has experienced his share of hard days on the road, but says the increasing comfort of modern vehicles is making a big difference to the lives of truck drivers around Australia.

Donegan Transport operates a fleet of 11 trucks out of Kyneton and Maryborough, including a newly-acquired Giga CXY 455 Premium.

“Being the first heavy duty Isuzu we've purchased, we certainly haven't been disappointed with the Giga,” Tim said.

“Our drivers are doing manual labour all day, loading and unloading the trucks, so the Giga's automated manual transmission (AMT) has made it easier on them when they get back behind the wheel.

“The Giga also comes with a bed, so it's no problem if you get caught somewhere overnight. And it has a good turning circle so it's easier for our drivers to get in and out of yards and tight spaces when they need to.

“Basically, comfort is a major consideration when you're in a truck all day, and that's what the Giga delivers in spades.”

Donegan Transport's new Giga CXY 455 Premium hauls a large capacity load of around 260 gas bottles in its 7.5 metre tray and 6.6 metre Barker pig trailer.

The custom-made tray was sourced through Poyser Trucks in Bendigo and engineered to contend with the stresses created by hundreds of gas cylinders bouncing around throughout the day.

Since Donegan Transport founder Michael Donegan opened his doors in the early 1980s, the business has firmly established itself throughout country Victoria, into the eastern reaches of South Australia, and southern New South Wales.

Today, the fleet hauls a range of general freight both intra and interstate, while transporting Kleenheat gas cylinders to gas dealers in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

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