Isuzu staff appointment

Damian Reeves has been appointed to the position of Dealer Sales Manager for the Victorian/Tasmanian zone by Isuzu Australia Limited, replacing Greg Lim.

Mt Reeves possesses extensive truck industry experience, having previously held fleet management, sales and business development positions at several high profile truck and car manufacturers.

He said he was excited about his appointment at Isuzu and was looking forward to contributing to the success of the iconic brand.

“Isuzu holds the distinction of being Australia’s number one truck market leader for the past 22 years – who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?
“I’m looking forward to establishing a solid working relationship with our Victorian and Tasmanian dealers with a view to helping them achieve their objectives and add value to our business.”

IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Phil Taylor, said Mr Reeves would be an asset to the organisation. “I’m very confident in Damian’s ability to perform above and beyond our expectations in his role as Victorian/Tasmanian Dealer Sales Manager. He’s certainly a very experienced truck industry professional.”
Mr Taylor added, “I have no doubt Damian will quickly familiarise himself with the position and he’s sure to further strengthen our dealer relationships.”

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