Isuzu reveals unique truck design

The electric vehicle trend has captured the attention of Isuzu, which displayed a unique 'honeycomb' truck design concept at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Design Concept FD-SI truck was reportedly inspired by the ‘swarm intelligence’ observed in insects, and designed to maximise cargo space and improve efficiencies related to pickups and deliveries.

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) Director, Sales and Marketing, Andrew Harbison, said the Design Concept FD-SI was also an example of pervasive presence of electric vehicles (EV) at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

“At the show we were able to see various visions of how EV technology can improve the efficiency and productivity of heavy vehicles,” Harbison said.

IAL National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman, said the 'future focus' of the Show was particularly impactful.

“. A core reason for Isuzu’s 28 consecutive years of market leadership within Australia has been our ability to integrate cutting-edge technologies into our product offering, and the Tokyo Motor Show has provided ample food for thought in that regard.”

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