Isuzu recommends quality parts

Exposed to increasing temperatures and non-stop operation, aged engines are in permanent danger of overheating. Isuzu Australia therefore emphasized the importance of quality components when it comes to a truck’s cooling system.

As many suppliers are using inferior materials in an effort to keep their production costs to a minimum, the life of the product is being reduced significantly; and it places related components at risk of failure.

Only quality radiators will provide significant drops in pressure and advanced heat dispersion allowing for improved coolant flow and more consistent temperature, the company announced. “This ensures the cooling system performs as intended.

“Isuzu Trucks has worked closely with its suppliers to develop a high quality radiator, without the high price tag usually associated with genuine parts.”

Manufactured to OE specifications, Isuzu recommends BVP radiators as they have been extensively tested to ensure they meet the company’s standards. “BVP radiators are designed to keep old Isuzu trucks running more efficiently for extended periods of time, taking the guesswork out of purchasing a replacement radiator.”

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