Isuzu provides sustainable solution for VFS

Logistics provider Victorian Freight Specialists (VFS) has taken a major step towards lowering its carbon footprint by acquiring an Isuzu NPR 300 CNG.

“We chose to purchase the Isuzu NPR 300 CNG because when we respond to a range of tenders for large corporations, it’s important to show that we are thinking about our environmental impact and reducing our carbon emissions,” John Rowe, VFS Owner and Director, said.

According to Rowe, Isuzu’s NPR 300 CNG-powered trucks provide environmentally focused operators with a viable alternative to traditional diesel fuel. The NPR 300 CNG has also been fitted with a six-pallet curtain-sider and one tonne tailgate lifter.

“After running this CNG truck, we have found that it provides sufficient power for its requirements. We have 30 country depots, so it’s great to know that we are close to more than one major Isuzu Dealership,” he said.

Established in 1998, VFS is a supplier to leading national and interstate brands. The Isuzu NPR 300 CNG joins VFS’ fleet of 40 company vehicles, approximately 60-80 sub-contractors and over 140 staff completing overnight intrastate and metropolitan deliveries.


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