Isuzu FRR tipper ticks all boxes for asbestos removal company

A new Isuzu FRR 107-210 Tipper is proving its worth, according to ICON Asbestos Removal owner, Curtis Lyons.

Lyons has been in the demolition and asbestos removal industry for more than seven years, working with various asbestos removal companies before establishing ICON Asbestos Removal in 2017.

He started out by borrowing an Isuzu truck from a friend, and then began hiring trucks but found this to be hassle as the hired trucks had to be returned before close of business, fully washed and free of asbestos contamination and approved by a hygienist.

Tired of that arrangement, in 2018 he bought a new Isuzu FRR 107-210 Tipper through Brisbane Isuzu at Burpengary in Queensland.

Lyons said he couldn’t be happier with how suitably his FRR 107-210 Tipper fits within his business.

“The power still surprises me sometimes on the hills,” said Lyons of the engine which delivers 154kW at 2,400rpm and 726Nm at 1,600rpm. “The FRR 107-210 Tipper’s 10.7-tonne gross vehicle mass (GVM) and 16-tonne gross combination mass (GCM) make hauling a five-tonne load in Brisbane traffic a breeze.”

In addition to being a powerful truck, according to Lyons, it is a perfect balance between being compact enough to access tight, hard-to-reach spaces and having enough space in the tray. “With residential works, we can easily get the FRR Tipper down the side access or through driveways with tiny gates, and also haul two asbestos sheets next to each other, side by side,” he said.

ICON does everything from residential to commercial sites, including work that requires a Class A licence (Workplace Health and Safety). Class A asbestos removal includes the higher risk work such as removing friable asbestos – asbestos that is in a powder form and therefore more likely to release fibres into the air.

Whatever the operation, the safety of ICON's employees is paramount. Crew members are suited up with respirators and other personal protective equipment, and decontamination showers are provided.

With ICON’s already stringent safety and sanitary measures, the standard operating procedure has gone relatively unchanged during COVID-19. The only difference now is that they’re quoting jobs via photography or postponing jobs that require close physical contact.

For ICON’s crew, the work hasn’t slowed down.

“With people at home, they’re starting on personal house projects and need the asbestos removed,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lyons is looking to expand his Isuzu fleet with an Isuzu Tradepack for transporting tools and equipment, which would allow the Tipper to leave the site early for the dump and the guys to get home earlier.

“We’re excited to get our hands on a new Tradepack and really make the most of the opportunities,” he said. “We want to come out flying when the restrictions ease.”

In other news, PFD Food Services runs a national network of integrated depots using a huge fleet of light commercial vehicles to distribute cold, ambient and dry goods to essential services across the country. Isuzu, as far back as the mid-1980s, has been one of its key partners.

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