Isuzu fills the bill for Powered Innovations

An Isuzu NPR 65-190 is the backbone of Powered Innovations, an electrical and mechanical repair company owned by Martin and Louise Cordina.

Founded in 2006 in Wetherill Park, the business specialises in industrial machinery including printing and packaging equipment. The work involves electrical and mechanical servicing, installations, machinery relocations, safety upgrades, repairs and modifications.

Having started operations with a small range of utes, Martin Cordina soon grew tired of the vehicles struggling with the substantial loads including a wide range of tools and materials for each job, along with the fact they were also required to travel long distances servicing pretty much all of New South Wales and select regions of Victoria.

Ten years ago, he sketched over an Isuzu technical sheet of an NPR 65-190 and drew his ideal truck, complete with the compartments and space he envisioned for all his tools, materials and paperwork. Then in December 2018, he brought his concept to life.

“With the utes we were on the cusp of the legal payload limit almost every day,” said Cordina – adding that this weighty issue was what eventually drew him to the Isuzu NPR 65-190.

The Isuzu NPR has a 6,500kg Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and 10,000kg Gross Combination Mass (GCM), coupled with 140kW at 2,600rpm and a flat torque curve with the ability to achieve the maximum 513Nm from a low 1,600rpm all the way to 2,600rpm.

“With the NPR 65-190, there was enough capacity to not overload the vehicle, so we still retain the ability to carry or tow a decent load without jeopardising our safety,” said Cordina.

“We could get a call in the morning about an emergency breakdown and need to get there immediately, and until we get to the site, we won’t know whether it’s an electrical or mechanical problem. So, we have to be equipped with everything to tackle whatever problems the customer has,” he said.

However, the sheer volume of equipment needed wasn’t the only transport hurdle. The way the tools and equipment were organised also posed a daily problem.

“So much time can be wasted trying to dig something out of the bottom of the ute tray, which can be buried under endless amounts of other equipment,” said Cordina. “I needed something that lets me and my team access everything quickly.”

To solve this, and to realise his decade-old truck vision, he decided to go ahead with a custom build by Pacific Body Works in Wetherill Park on a new NPR purchased from Gilbert & Roach in Huntingwood.

The dream body included compartments, drawers and shelves to house all the tools Cordina and his crew would need, as well as an extra pallet space on the tray to let them transport other materials without needing a trailer.

A crane was also fitted to remove the need for manual lifting and the risk of back injuries. Other customisations included an automotive fridge, a power generator, additional lighting for working at night, a solar panel, a microwave oven and a wash basin with soap and hand sanitiser to enable good hygiene practices.

The truck is vinyl-wrapped in royal blue livery, covered from cab to crane with the blue and green branding.

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