Isuzu expands lubricant and battery range

Isuzu has added 85W/140 LS Limited Slip Diff Oil and NextGen Light Commercial Oil and the N100LMF battery model to its parts range.

The 85W/140 LS Limited Slip Diff Oil is designed for all highly stressed standard and limited slip differentials in cars, vans, trucks, tractors, construction and industrial machinery. The new oil is said to maintain its characteristics under severe conditions. A stable lubricating film is claimed to protect components under high load and prevents corrosion while the long life characteristics of the oil reduce maintenance costs.

The new Isuzu NextGen Light Commercial Oil is aimed at use in both diesel and petrol light commercial vehicles, vans and cars with exhaust gas after treatment systems, such as catalysts or particulate filters, where the use of C3 engine oil is specified. This oil protects components against wear, particularly in highly stressed engines. It is also claimed to improve ageing stability and reduced viscosity change. 

The Isuzu Genuine Battery range, designed and manufactured for Australian transport conditions, has also been expanded following the addition of the N100LMF model. The N100LMF is suitable for vehicles that require right hand positive polarity fitment and a flat top design for top hold down brackets, the new battery is a direct OE battery replacement for Isuzu FX and F Series models. 

“Extensive research, testing and development has gone into ensuring that Isuzu’s Lubricant and Genuine Battery ranges continue to offer the highest reliability and quality,” said John Plunkett, Isuzu National Parts Manager. “The broad ranges provide drivers with a wide offering of lubricants and batteries designed to improve performance and survive tough Australian conditions.”

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