Isuzu expands accessories range for smaller trucks

Accessorising a light duty Isuzu truck has become easier with the expansion of Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) Genuine Accessories range for its light duty N Series models. The extensive range is designed to enrich customers’ total driving experience through the enhancement of the N Series’ practicality and appearance; the range also provides owners many vehicle protection accessories.

Customers can now choose between large items such as an airbag-compatible polished alloy bull bar and a wind deflector, right through to simple floor and dash mats, headlight protectors, seat covers and many others.

According to IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, the range is well priced and ideal for those customers who want that little extra. “Genuine Isuzu Accessories can increase overall functionality, boost vehicle performance, lift visual appeal and increase resale value,” he says. “The high-selling, light duty N Series is extremely popular in large fleets, for smaller business operations and owner drivers. Among these owners will be many who would like further customisation of their trucks to better suit their individual requirements and tastes.”

In line with Isuzu’s reputation for quality and reliability, all accessories are manufactured to Isuzu’s rigorous engineering standards. A broad range of accessories are also available for Isuzu F, FX and Giga Series trucks and Isuzu continue to pursue additional accessories options for the full model range. All accessories come standard with a three-year warranty when purchased from and fitted by an authorised Isuzu Dealer.

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