Isuzu CNG fleet delivers Hobart city council emission goals

Hobart City Council is aiding the apple isle's image as a natural and pristine state, following the recent addition of five new Isuzu NPR 300 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) -powered trucks to its fleet in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Two of the trucks feature standard tipper trays and another two feature versatile three-way tipper tray bodies. All four are used as service vehicles for Council maintenance tasks in and around suburban streets, gardens and parks.

At first glance the fifth vehicle looks like any other van-bodied Isuzu, however the body is designed to securely transport bins for document destruction of sensitive paper waste from Council and local businesses. 

Hobart City Council's General Manager, Nick Heath, says Council's latest fleet acquisitions are well suited for urban use and ideal for return-to-base operations.  

The key feature of the new trucks is that they use CNG fuel that burns cleaner and more efficiently than diesel and contributes far less air pollution.

Heath says the NPR 300 CNG model is full of great features, especially an automated manual transmission (AMT) and double acting hydraulic shock absorbers in the front and rear which keep the ride smooth and supple through narrow residential streets. 

“Not only does it offer an excellent balance of power and refinement but also provides environmental performance. There is another feature we like, an idle stop fuel saving system, which turns the engine off at idle once the transmission selector has been placed in neutral and the park brake engaged. Once the driver reselects drive, the engine automatically restarts. The idle stop fuel saving system can be engaged and disengaged via a dash-mounted button if required,” he said.

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