Isuzu builds on Ready-to-Work range

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu Australia (IAL), has added two new NMR six-tonne Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) variants to its portfolio.

“We’re pleased to announce the launch of the NMR 60/45-150 Tipper and NMR 60/45-150 Tri-Tipper (which features the ability to tip the load to the rear, left or right), both available with either a torque converter automated manual transmission (TC-AMT) or manual transmission,” said IAL National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman. “The unique Tri-Tipper was a hit when we first released the NLR variant of this model in 2017, so we’ve introduced the six-tonne [GVM] versions of the Tri-Tipper and standard Tipper in response to market demands for a light-duty tipper with increased payload capacity.”

The new NMR 60-150 models offer operators an additional 500kg payload over the previous NLR 55-150 Tipper models. They can also be optionally de-rated to a 4.5-tonne GVM, enabling car-licenced drivers to operate them.

The NMR Tippers, according to IAL, also benefit from Isuzu’s Electronic Stability Control (IESC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Anti-Skid Regulator (ASR), driver and passenger airbags and Hill-Start Assist (HSA) for manual models. The Tippers are factory furnished

The Tippers are furnished with a 2.0 cubic metre capacity ShinMaywa steel tipping body with features that are reported to be considered extras on competitor models – including rope rails, auto-release body lockdown hook, two-way tailgate and a three-year warranty.

In other news, the Isuzu FRR tipper ticks all boxes for ICON Asbestos Removal.

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