Isuzu Australia Limited awarded for sustainability efforts

The Grow Me the Money sustainability program, run by the Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI), is designed to encourage small to medium businesses to become more sustainable through registering online and following a 12 step sustainability program.

VECCI has found that participants in its Grow Me the Money program have saved an average of average of $8619 on their gas, electricity and water bills in the 2009/10 financial year, a 32 percent improvement on the previous year. Firms also saved an average of 78.1 tonnes of CO2 in 2009/10, a 29 percent increase from the 2008/09 financial year.

VECCI CEO, Wayne Kayler-Thomson said, “Grow Me the Money participants are becoming even more effective in cutting their carbon footprint and utility bills. These are significant savings for small and medium businesses and a real incentive for others to become sustainable.”

To recognise the efforts of its members, VECCI hosted the Grow Me the Money Awards for Results was held on Tuesday September 14. The awards were open to Grow Me the Money members who had completed the 12 step sustainable program and were able to report on their achievements.

Isuzu Australia awarded for its efforts at the event, taking out the award for the 31-99 employees category.

In May this year, the truck manufacturer introduced a range of compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks into the Australian market which produce 30 percent less carbon than the equivalent diesel vehicle and cut fuel costs by around 25 percent.

But Isuzu Australia’s efforts in reducing its carbon footprint goes even further than the trucks it produces. The company has introduced an office recycling which has avoided the release of 236 tonnes of carbon dioxide, ‘delamped’ secondary office areas, and introduced ‘Cool Biz’ where staff dress appropriately for the revised summer air conditioning temperatures now set at 24 degrees. 

Investments have also been made on new lighting technologies. This, together with a range of other initiatives have cut the company’s energy usage by around 20 percent during 2010.

“Becoming sustainable has been a terrific journey for us. And it is one that keeps throwing up new opportunities to cut our carbon emissions,” said Isuzu Australia Limited’s Business Planning Manger and Company Secretary, Paul Evans.

Isuzu Australia now plans to roll our green accreditation throughout its dealership network, comprising of 70 dealerships, through participation in Grow Me the Money.

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