Isuzu announces Essential Service Agreement package

An Isuzu workshop in Melbourne.

From 1 July 2024 to 30 September 2024, Isuzu Trucks is helping new truck buyers by halving their servicing costs with a six-year Essentials Service Agreement package for the price of a three-year package — when they purchase selected N Series Ready-to-Work and N Series cab-chassis models.

Equating to an additional three years of Isuzu’s Essentials Service Agreement coverage free of charge, the arrangement helps Australian businesses maintain uptime and realise genuine operational efficiencies. ​ ​

“A key priority of quality aftersales support programs like these is to assist operators with managing the whole-of-life costs of a new truck,” said Brett Stewart, Isuzu Australia Limited Head of Aftersales. ​ ​

“The Isuzu Essential Service Agreement offers coverage for essential scheduled OEM servicing, taking the guesswork out of future maintenance costs,” he said.

“This translates to no surprises ‘on the day,’ and makes repairs and maintenance budgeting more straight forward for transport reliant businesses.” ​

With the deal running 1 July 2024 – 30 September 2024 it now covers double the number of services on new, selected N Series trucks; the first six regular services up to six years, or 120,000 km.

Eligible N Series trucks purchased from an Isuzu dealership during the promotion period also come backed by Isuzu’s six-year standard factory warranty (or 250,000 km) covering cab chassis, and three-year (unlimited km) warranty on body equipment (Ready-to-Work models).

The offer also includes six years of 24/7 unlimited roadside assistance.

“Our customers have their own businesses to attend to, so we’re inviting them to relieve what can be a major point of angst— servicing and maintenance,” said Stewart.

“With this Isuzu Essential Service Agreement deal, you have a competitive upfront cost for the business that comprehensively takes care of the servicing requirements for the first six years of ownership,” he said.

“This helps to manage the unexpected and streamline operations and to ensure the absolute best return on the purchase of the vehicle.”

Newly released research from the Future of Trucking Report suggests a large proponent of truck owners see the benefit in a service agreement as part of their ownership package (41 per cent), while 65 per cent of truck owners prefer genuine OEM parts for replacement.

“It’s imperative that vehicles are maintained within manufacturer’s requirements to make sure they’re operating safely, and complying with regulations,” Stewart said.

“Electing to use an authorised Isuzu dealership and genuine OEM parts will ensure you’re receiving all the associated benefits such as factory trained technicians reliability, longevity, and peace of mind.”

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