Isuzu adds auto option to rugged FTS800


Isuzu’s FTS 800 4×4 model is now available with an optional 5-speed Allison automatic transmission to help drivers in the mining and emergency services industry devote more concentration to negotiating demanding off road terrain.

The FTS 800 4×4 Auto is available in a choice of standard or crew cab variants, bringing the number of models to six. This includes further crew cab variants and PTO-equipped variants, according to Isuzu.

Specially designed for use in medium to heavy-duty trucks, the 5-speed Allison automatic transmission will enhance the FTS 800’s ease of use and reduce driver fatigue in demanding conditions. The transmission communicates and integrates with other systems in the truck via CANBUS technology, providing a seamless operation and smooth shift quality.

A ‘first-gear hold’ function even further enhances the model’s off-road capability, enabling better engine braking on steep descents, making it perfect for accessing hard-to-reach locations. Along with this feature, the calibration of the exhaust brake – which maintains convertor lock up in first gear when engaged in low range –  assists when negotiating steep downhill stretches.

Consistent with other FTS 800 4×4 models, the automatic variant features a full-time four-wheel-drive system with central differential lock.The FTS 800 4×4 Auto models have a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 13.9 tonnes and come with Isuzu’s EuroV and EEV-compliant SiTEC Series III 235 engine – outputting 176 kW of power at 2,400 RPM and 706 Nm of torque between 1,450 and 2,400 RPM.

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