Irish driver wins Scania’s Young European Truck Driver competition

In the European final of the Scania Young Truck Driver of the Year held in Sweden, Gabriel Warde from Ireland beat 23 other talented young professional truck drivers from countries throughout Europe.

“The driver is absolutely the most important factor in heavy vehicle transport,” said Erik Ljungberg, the head of Scania Corporate Relations.

“Vehicles and infrastructure are obviously of major significance, but fuel-efficient and safe driving is primarily a matter of human behaviour. Through (this completion) Scania wants to help raise the status of professional drivers and emphasise their great importance to the profitability of transport companies and to road safety, as well as to environmental impact.”

More than 17,000 young truck drivers under the age of 35 and from 24 European countries competed in the Scania Young European Truck Driver competition.

The final took place over a two day period and included tests such as defensive and fuel-economy driving, cargo securing, pre- trip checks, rescue and fire situations and safe manoeuvring.

Finalists had to prove they had the skill and attitude of responsible heavy truck drivers as they completed a program consisting of complex manoeuvring and obstacle tests.

Scania started the competition in 2003 to highlight the role of the driver and also to attract more young people into the driving profession.

The Scania Young Australian Truck Driver of the Year finals will be held in Melbourne on Friday, 16 November, with the inaugural Scania Young Australian Bus Driver of the Year being held the next day.

Eligible Australian drivers no more than 35 years of age have until the end of September to register at the Scania Australia website.

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