Industry personality John ‘The Ferret’ Moran receives Order of Australia

Former truckie John ‘The Ferret’ Moran has been honoured with an Order of Australia for dedicating his life to servicing the community and his involvement in charitable organisations.

Now aged 81, the Ferret was a co-founder of the first Convoy for Kids 24 years ago and is still actively involved in the organisation of Convoys around the country. So far, these Convoys have raised over $8 million to help children in need.

After receiving the prestigious award yesterday, the Ferret told CRTNews he never got out of bed to try and be a hero.

“I just got out of bed to help people less fortunate than me, especially kids,” he said. “I am totally stoked, and utterly humbled and I have been weighed down by all these pats on the back from people I haven’t talk to for 15 years or more. I never dreamed someone would give me a medal for it.”

Moran added that receiving the medal was a culmination of a lot of hard work making people’s lives better. “I feel so much for the trucking industry still,” he said.

The Ferret joined the industry as a driver when he was 22 and later became one of the most influential voices in trucking as writer and columnist for an industry magazine. 

He is also known as a bush poet, and an author writing several books and anthologies. He was inducted into the National Road Transport Hall of Fame in 2002.

Currently, John is a National Ambassador of the Convoy for Kids, as well as Patron of the Brisbane Convoy for Kids, which he founded in 1989. He is also a Life Member and Patron of the Convoy for Kids Sydney and Co-Patron of the Lights on the Hill organisation. Since 2011, he is also acting as Patron of the Putty Road Truck Drivers Memorial in Milbrodale NSW.

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