Industry briefing on freight network disruption announced

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A key industry briefing to be held on freight network vulnerabilities has been announced for next week.

After four years of major disruptions to freight routes across Australia, including the isolation of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, the peak bodies for these jurisdictions have arranged an early briefing session for the industry and its customers.

Western Roads Federation (WRF) and the Northern Territory Road Transport Association (NTRTA) insist they’re not being alarmist given the situation at present with a likelihood of a fifth year of potential major cross border freight disruptions increasing.

As the northern wet season approaches the Perth to Darwin freight route is in limp mode currently due to the loss of the Fitzroy Crossing bridge.

Meanwhile there are growing concerns over risks to the Perth – Adelaide and Adelaide – Darwin freight routes.

These three routes have been previously identified as the most vulnerable in the nation in Road and Rail Supply Chain Resilience Review by Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE).

The briefing is being provided to industry with attendance by key government players across the freight routes.

The brief will cover issues like an early risk assessment of flooding/ fires across the route and the work around actions for Fitzory Crossing due to the loss of the bridge back on the 23rd of January.

“We are encouraging WA and NT businesses to reach out to their transport providers to discuss the risk and put in place appropriate plans based on their risk assessment and circumstances,” said the joint statement issued by the WRF and NTRTA.

“If they determine they need to increase inventory holdings in WA and NT to act as a buffer against disruption then they have time to work with their Transport and Logistics provider on solutions,” continued the statement.

“There is a slowly emerging recognition by State and Federal Governments that we need to have freight resilience plans.

“Whilst great work is being done within WA by Main Roads and Dept of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) – addressing cross border freight disruption is yet to be addressed.”

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