Improving battery technology

A breakthrough in battery design in the USA may lead to the development of a cheaper battery technology which could in turn reduce the price premium on fuel saving technologies like hybrid trucks.

The new battery design, known as the Nano Lithium X battery, replaces the large number of small battery cells used in current battery technology with one single large cell. The battery, developed by EcoloCap uses low levels of powdered lithium enabling it to be produced at a much lower cost when compared with other types of lithium cells.

The company has been supplying large batteries for the use in electric and hybrid vehicles for some time and its President and CEO, Michael Siegel, believes that the company has now produced a battery with the world’s highest energy density output per mass.

“This battery is well positioned to become a leader in key markets seeking high-performance batteries, including using electric vehicles, golf carts, cellular towers and similar demanding applications,” Mr Siegel said.

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