Ikea encourages carriers to consider alternate fuels

International home furnishing company Ikea has outlined a plan to lower the emissions associated with its carriers.  As part of its goal to reduce its overall greenhouse gas imprint, the company is working towards a 30 per cent reduction in carbon emissions in transport and services by 2020.

This follows Australia Post announcing last week its goal of lowering its own carbon footprint by 25 per cent by 2020. Australia Post, through its Environmental Action Plan, eventually aims to save up to $10 million a year through a renewed focus on using sustainable energy sources.

Ikea already works with carriers who use compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas according to Scott Hemphill, Global Sustainability Developer, Ikea Transport and Services. Hybrid technologies he stated were going to be useful for Ikea’s business model.

“Deliveries to our stores usually occur in the early hours of the morning so noise could be something that we increasingly need to take into consideration in the future,” said Hemphill.Ikea encourages carriers to consider alternate fuels

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