Hyzon Motors to launch in Australia

New York-based Hyzon Motors, a spin-off of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, will establish a division of the company in Australia it has announced.

The company, which was established in March, will set up technical support and project management capabilities in Australia serving both the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Hyzon Motors confirmed it plans on assembling fuel cell trucks in Australia with its strategic partners by as early as 2022.

“We are also considering the options for locating our first fuel cell commerical vehicle integration facility in Australia,” the company said in an online statement.

“Green hydrogen investment plans for Australia are a lot more viable supplying into the local heavy vehicle market, as diesel displacement is a much higher value use for hydrogen than bulk export.

“Governments and major corporations need to solidify plans to transition off diesel.”

Earlier this week, the company said it had plans to manufacture thousands of heavy vehicle systems per year, scalable up to 10,000 units if demand increases.

In April the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a client under confidentiality for a preorder of 1,000 buses. The first 50 units are expected to be delivered within 12 months of the formal contract according to Hyzon Motors CEO George Gu.

“We have seen incredible growth in Asia in recent years at Horizon, and now with the experience gained from hundreds of trucks in commercial service, we aim to bring our technology to the roads of the world,” he said.

“Our Fuel Cell systems have already proven themselves, and we see an opportunity to help the world decarbonize transport much faster than people currently believe is possible,” said Gu.

Starting later this year, Hyzon vehicles will be available with the industry leading 370 kW (500 horsepower) Horizon fuel cell.

The 500hp fuel cells will provide unparalleled performance for both short and long haul heavy trucks.

Hyzon's commercial vehicles are equipped with proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems that exceed 100 kW and are specifically designed for commercial vehicles.

Builds, according to the company, will cater for light duty 6-tonne logistics commercial vehicles to 150-tonne roadtrains using between 40kW to 370KW on the heavy-duty applications.

With the objective of reaching absolute efficiency and sustainability across all of its products, Hyzon said the Heavy vehicles it produces will have the option of a Kinetic Energy Suspension System (KESS).

The system is focused on capturing Kinetic Energy from road undulations.

​”Hyzon heavy vehicles will thus reduce energy consumption to capture improved efficiency from our industry leading Fuel Cell Power Systems,” said on its website.

The company is a spinoff from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, a Singapore-based start-up.

“We have developed Fuel Cells which have a significant advantage in whole-of-life cost, and combining this with the imminent availability of very competitive large-scale green hydrogen in a number of countries, we are rapidly closing in on a total cost of ownership lower than diesel-based fleets,” said Horizon CEO Craig Knight.

“As an enabler of high performance, zero-emission transport, we are empowered to accelerate the transition to hydrogen commercial vehicles, ensuring attractive overall economics are reached in the very near term.”

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