Hydrogen truck on the road in the US

A converted Freightliner prime mover powered by a 536hp electric engine which gets its power from a hydrogen fuel cell has been released by the Vision Motor Corporation in California.

The Tyrano is now being tested with Californian trucking company Total Transportation Services. If the trial is successful the company intends to buy 100 vehicles.

The power plant in the prime mover is said to be zero emission, zero carbon dioxide, zero fossil fuels, zero noise and zero carbon by turning hydrogen into electric power. The manufacturers claim the truck engine generates 3300 ft lb (4474Nm) of torque with electricity being stored in a lithium ion battery pack after being generated by the hydrogen fuel cell.

The truck will be used to haul containers in and out of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as part of the low emission scheme being run by those ports. The vehicle involved in the trial is being funded both by the manufacturer Vision, and by the two Port Authorities.

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