How safety defines FBT Transwest: Part Two

Despite having to navigate the increasingly complex business environment that is ‘high consequence goods’ transportation, Cameron Dunn has managed to condense his business philosophy down to a simple motto – good businesses are safe businesses, and safe businesses are sustainable businesses.

“I believe simplicity is key to establishing the right mindset across an organisation,” the Managing Director of Melbourne bulk transport business, FBT Transwest, says. “Simplicity in the way we communicate our objectives, live our values, and make critical decisions on every level. The more intricate the challenge, the more valuable it is to reduce complexity and confusion.”

Amid an ever-more complex road transport industry – the next Chain of Responsibility (CoR) reform is coming into effect in 2018 – Cameron says the way we approach challenges will ultimately dictate how successfully we handle them. “I can’t simplify the job itself, but I can actively influence the mindset my team is applying to deal with it,” the freshly appointed President of the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) explains.

“To me, it’s all about focus, a heightened sense of urgency, and having the right support network in place. If we’re all on the same page as to what we are trying to achieve and how we are trying to achieve it, we’ll be able to dramatically reduce the company’s operational risk.”

It’s with that in mind that Cameron kept FBT Transwest’s brief to suppliers like Volvo Trucks Australia, Vawdrey Australia or SAF-Holland simple and concise. “Each brand we align ourselves with has internalised one simple objective – help us create the safest workplace in the world,” he says. “Innovation, design, even functionality – it always comes back to the mindset we take on to meet the challenge.”

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