Hino TradeAce leaving a mark in concreting industry

A South Australian concreter will continue to expand his flourishing foundation-laying business with the help of his new Built-to-Go Hino TradeAce. Steve Kyriacou of Largs Bay Foundations said the Hino's 300 Series 617 TradeAce is equipped to handle the harsh conditions it will meet  working in his business.

“I had my mechanic look under the truck and he was impressed with the structural integrity and systems Hino has put in place to secure and stabilise the underside of the vehicle,” said Kyriacou.

“I expect this truck will serve me well until I retire in about 15 years. The engine is quiet and can do 7.3 kilometres per litre fully loaded, but it's also very powerful and can pull a full load uphill quite easily.

“The DPR has always functioned automatically so I have not had to do a manual override, and the hill-start assist feature takes the pressure off driving up ascents, and my clutch too. The cabin is spacious and the multiple storage facilities make it easy for me to store and find the items I need.

“The suspension in the driver's seat makes for a comfortable, armchair-style ride, while the multimedia system is easy to use, offering great volume and clarity through the Bluetooth system or the SD card slot, where I like to store my music.”

Hino has said its TradeAce finds its niche with builders like Kyriacou, as well as suiting tradesmen from other professions, such as plumbers, shop-fitters and cabinet makers. The 4.5-metre all-alloy tray is capable of carrying tools and equipment thanks to a tray floor rated to four tonnes and ladder racks rated to 250kg on standard cab and 350kg on wide cab models.

The removable drop sides, three-inch diameter headboard and front access steps can handle tricky materials, while a matching alloy bull bar (wide cab) and nudge bar (standard cab) round out the  package.

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