Hino officially launches new ‘High Horsepower’ range

Yesterday marked the official media launch of Hino’s 300 Series ‘High Horsepower’ range, which is said to be the most powerful light-duty truck in Australia.

The eight new models that make up the Hino 300 Series High Horsepower range – which was first unveiled at the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show in Melbourne in April – feature more powerful engines and a revised chassis for bigger payloads.

The 300 Series 921, for instance, now has a six-speed double overdrive true automatic transmission and some 205hp.

Its JO5E five-litre four-cylinder intercooled turbo-diesel engine also delivers 600Nm of torque.

The 920 model, meanwhile, has a six-speed overdrive manual transmission and delivers 189Hp (139kW) and 510Nm.

Available in both single and crew cab configurations, the High Horsepower 300 Series models provide capacity for larger towing capability and bigger payloads thanks to a new, wider, straight-frame chassis featuring stronger steel rails and a grid hole design that allows for easier installation of bodies and auxiliary items.

Externally, the new High Horsepower models are differentiated from the rest of the 300 Series by a slightly tougher stance, their 920 and 921 badges and eye-catching chrome grille and bumper accent.

Hino Australia Chairman and CEO, Steve Lotter, said that the launch of the High Horsepower models has made the Hino 300 Series the most competitive light-duty truck range in the country.

“Many of us at Hino have now spent a fair bit of time behind the wheel of the High Horsepower 300 Series models, and it has become apparent just how special these new models really are,” Mr Lotter said.

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