Hino designs special cleaning truck for Sydney tunnel

Sydney Hino dealer City Hino has spearheaded a collaboration of suppliers to provide an innovate vehicle solution to the cleaning requirements of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

Designed and manufactured over a five-month period, the vehicle is based on a medium duty Hino 500 Series GH 1728 truck and has been extensively modified to suit the specific requirements of cleaning the tunnel lights, walls and roadway.

“Many bespoke cleaning units designed and manufactured in Europe proved far too expensive to be viable here in Australia, which is why we set about working with our network of suppliers and the Sydney Harbour Tunnel to build a vehicle that not only did the job, but was affordable,” said Bevan Joseph, City Hino Senior Sales Consultant.

“The truck is fitted with two external rotating brushes to clean the walls, a front-mounted spray bar to wash the road surface and a spray bar and drier to clean the overhead lighting, driven by a high-pressure pump and fully automated hydraulics.

“This truck is the replacement for a 1991 Hino FE Raven 800 that had cleaned the tunnel since it opened, and we were able to refurbish some of the brush equipment and refit it to the new vehicle.”

The GH 1728 is factory-fitted with an Allison automatic transmission, and has been converted to dual-steer operation by MacDonald Johnston.

According to City Hino, the project was born out of the need to provide the operators of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel with a cost-effective automated cleaning solution during the short period when the roadway is closed at night.

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