Hino commits to connectivity

Hino Australia is upgrading its multimedia units across its range of light, medium and heavy duty trucks.

This will be a phased rollout which is expected to commence from July 2023.

“Technology is a key theme at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show, and we are delighted to use the show to display our intuitive new 10.1 inch ultra high-definition multimedia unit, which is specifically designed and created for fitment in all Hino trucks,” said Hino Australia Department Manager – Product Strategy Daniel Petrovski.

Driver and vehicle ergonomics is reported to be key to the multimedia unit design changes. In addition to introducing programmable control options on the steering wheel, the new multimedia units will also feature wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone compatibility.

Other changes include improved Bluetooth functionality and microphone performance and 2amp USB fast charge points at the front of the unit. A new wider-angle standard reverse camera with an enhanced microphone combined with another five optional multi-position cameras including Hino Genuine Lane Change Support Cameras provides drivers with a near-360 degree visibility.

The multimedia system also has AM/FM / DAB+ digital radio and Wi-Fi, and the latest version of Bluetooth connectivity enabling enhanced call handling, profile pictures and improved speech to text functionality.

Additional Hino Genuine accessories that can be seamlessly integrated include a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), reverse sensors, lane change assist cameras, and a satellite navigation program utilising truck-specific maps and routes.

The truck specific navigation system can be tailored to suit each individual truck or load, with the ability to input critical data such as the truck’s height, weight and dangerous goods classification.

The navigation system then calculates a route that avoids low bridges, weight-restricted roads and/or dangerous goods-restricted areas.

In other news, the pathway to a greener truck fleet in Australia is underway. In reality, the revolution so many have predicted is more likely to be an evolution.

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