Hino Australia to mix it up at Brisbane Truck Show

Hino Australia’s stand at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show will combine an interesting mix from its portfolio of trucks, hybrid technology and services, and also allow for a look at Hino’s consistent performance at the Dakar Rally.

In a break from previous truck shows around the country, the Hino Australia stand is said to feature a range of silver-coloured trucks across the entire light, medium and heavy duty line-up. Hino’s popular 300 Series wide cab tipper and the 300 Series Hybrid ProShift automated manual transmission make up the light duty contingent. 

“We think Hino’s light duty trucks are simply the best on the market and we intend on demonstrating that, including our highlight display of the 1,000th Hino truck sold to the CFA,” said Steve Lotter, Hino Australia’s President.

“We want visitors to see the array of features Hino can boast, from a life-saving vehicle stability control to our state-of-the-art multimedia system. These latest technological advancements place Hino’s 300 Series as one of the safest, best performing, most efficient and comfortable light duty truck on the market.”

In addition, Hino Australia will showcase the 500 and 700 range in Queensland, including a 500 Series FD1124 ProShift Long Air, a 500 Series FM 2630 Medium Auto Spring, a 700 Series SS2848 Hi-Roof ProShift AMT and the 700 Series SH2045 ProShift 16 Air.

According to Hino, the Brisbane stand will also have information on the recently launched Roadside Assist program. The Roadside service is designed to get drivers back on the road as soon as possible in the event of a breakdown, flat tyre or simply running out of fuel. It is available to all private and government purchasers of new 2013 plated Hino 300, 500 and 700 Series trucks with manual, automatic or automated manual transmissions.

In January, Hino also announced the introduction of a comprehensive Maintenance Agreement program, developed to provide truck owners with the correct level of mechanical servicing for specific operational needs and budgets. The Hino Maintenance Agreement program provides customers with the choice of four distinct mechanical service regimes and will be at the centre of attention on the Hino stand.

Finally, visitors will have the opportunity to reflect on Hino’s achievements at the 2013 Dakar Rally, where it won its fourth straight championship – the 13th overall in the under 10-litre class. Information about Hino’s record at Dakar and a Dakar video can be found on the stand as well.

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