Hendrickson Tiremaax Pro

The Hendrickson Tiremaax Pro is the first automatic tyre inflation system for trailers, providing constant pressure with active inflation, deflation and equalising to deliver precise pressures.

Tiremaax Pro constantly monitors and adjusts tyre pressures and responds to temperatures, relieving air from tyres when over inflation is possible. The system automatically inflates tyres using the trailer air supply and prevents over inflation by taking air back through the controller unit. The controller, patent pending, is specifically designed to recognise normal pressures due to operation.

By keeping tyre pressures balanced, scrubbing between dual tyres is greatly reduced, giving extended life and lowering operating costs. The sophisticated Tiremaax Pro is the only system to constantly pressurise and equalise tyres.
Tiremaax automatic tyre inflation systems provide a basic, responsive approach to assist in extending tyre life and increasing fuel efficiency.

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