Hella presents I-Pro program to secure profitability and productivity

Hella Australia has announced to buck the trends in Australian manufacturing by turning the tables on the high costs and low profitability of its automotive Original Equipment manufacturing operations through a project called I-Pro.

Led by Hella Australia CEO, Olavi Rantala, the main objective of the I-Pro business program philosophy was to secure profitability and develop productivity improvements. 

“We identified some key issues that had to be addressed, the first of which was the large number of casual staff we were using. This was a major concern as costs were constantly increasing, while quality and output per employee was not improving. We also had excessive scrap levels and sales had fallen, as had been the case across the board for local manufacturers. I was also keen to ensure that our full time employees would not be working overtime in order to keep the plant running at prime capacity and efficiency,” Olavi said.

An Operations Team of employees was established to take responsibility and to directly report to the CEO during weekly meetings to outline the improvements or issues facing each area of the company’s manufacturing operations. This is the “I” in “I-Pro” taking immediate effect. These team members were encouraged to suggest and action significant changes to each of their working areas to ensure optimum efficiency.

“Each member of our team is professional and responsible for assisting in rectifying our production line issues rapidly, removing any abnormalities and achieving productivity improvements. By enabling the I-Pro process to take place, major changes were implemented quickly, while efficiency and quality were also improved. Within six months of implementing this program we had successfully achieved each and every one of our I-Pro program objectives,” Olavi added.

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