Heavy Vehicle sales records smashed in June

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New heavy vehicle sales in Australia continue to go from strength to strength, with the latest June result further proof of a booming market.

This time last year the truck industry was celebrating a new June sales record when 4,987 new heavy trucks and vans were sold in Australia.

Twelve months on and the 5,000 barrier has been smashed, with over 6,000 new heavy vehicles sold in the month of June 2023 according to the Truck Industry Council.

June 2023 saw a number of records broken for new truck sales in Australia.

The total number of heavy vehicles across the Light Duty and Vans, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Trucks categories sold for the month was 6,054.

It represents a 21.4 per cent increase in sales over the June 2022 result.

Only five years ago the 4,000 sales mark, in a single month, was broken for the first time.

Breaking the 6,000 unit barrier back in 2018 would have been thought impossible in most industry circles.

Prior to 2018 the best sales month was shared by June 2007 and June 2009 when 3,718 new heavy trucks were sold.

Other records to tumble in June just past were sales for Heavy, Medium and Light Trucks.

The only segment that did not register record sales in June was Vans.

Some 2,294 Heavies were sold for the month, breaking the previous record of 1,594 set in June 2022.

While the Medium truck segment just broke a long standing record, 1,077 Medium trucks were sold in June breaking the previous record of 1,073 set back in June 2008.

Light Duty truck sales in June amounted to 2,034 ‘little trucks”’, breaking the previous record of 1,751 set in June 2022.

Finally, the overall half year result for calendar year 2023 was also a new record with this year’s January to June result breaking the previous mid-year peak of 20,887 sales set last year, by 1,867 heavy vehicle sales.

The TIC reports that 24,395 heavy vehicles have been delivered year-to date in 2023.

TIC Chief Executive Officer, Tony McMullan said cracking the 6,000 mark for sales in a single month was a fantastic result for the industry.

“This capped off a great second quarter result and combined with solid first quarter sales, finds the market at record levels at the half way point of the year,” he said in a statement.

“These very strong sales numbers to June 30 this year, and strong numbers since COVID relief commenced, demonstrate how Government decision making in the form of an investment allowance can be successful in modernising the nation’s truck fleet,” continued McMullan.

“Australia as we know has one of the oldest truck fleets in the world and with each new truck sale comes a safer, cleaner, greener truck operating on Australian roads. With 24,395 new trucks on the road this year alone, this is indeed a good result for Australian road users.”

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