Heavy haulage combination with two drivers unveiled

Shifting a long, oversize load requires highly specialised equipment and a professional operator to transport it safely from A to B. Renowned airplane manufacturer Boeing has come up with a unique system to transport long aircraft sections between manufacturing facilities in the US state of Washington.

A video has now been released showing an outfit hauling aircraft wing spars to the Boeing plant at Everett, Washington. Boeing has introduced a second driver to the combination who is in control of the rear wheels, which actually consist of a typical 6×4 chassis without engine. Cabin and steering wheel for the driver are slung between the steering axle and the two at the rear.

Little information is available about how this unique combination works, but the rear driver seems to be steering the rear half of the truck even at highway speeds, according to CRT Australia's Technical Journalist, Tim Giles. Normally, any kind of rear steering on a trailer will lock up when the truck gets over a slow manoeuvring speed.

“The driver in the rear would have to have a lot of faith in the front driver, as they can exert little control over where the prime mover takes the trailer,” Giles said.

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