Hazell Bros debuts new Kenworth T410SAR

Kenworth T410 SAR with tandem tandem 19-metre mini B.

The fleet of Tasmanian-based infrastructure company, Hazell Bros, has introduced a brand new Kenworth T410SAR.

The mini-B cement tanker combination, which is based in Hobart, will be servicing the southern and northwest coast batch plants of the business loading out of Cement Australia Railton on a daily basis.

Depending on the scheduling of the batch plants, the Kenworth T410SAR 6×4 is expected to cover a minimum of 600 kilometres per day between five and six days a week.

 It will be operated under mass management at 57.5 tonnes GCM.

One of the advantages of the vehicle according to Adam Muller, Assets & Logistics General Manager, is the tare weight on offer after fitting a HSI Blower.

“The weight distribution has improved over the previous prime mover, a Kenworth T409 Aero, and so has the updated cabin and ergonomics compared to the previous unit, and also the visibility for driver,” Muller told Prime Mover.

Other selling points of the new truck are the onboard PACCAR Connect telematics and a longer warranty period.

“The lifecycle costs of the previous unit were very economical which has given us confidence to purchase another T4 series with the PACCAR MX Engine,” said Muller.

“On the previous unit we achieved nearly 1 million kilometres before changing out the engine,” he said.

The 510hp-rated PACCAR MX-13 packs up to 1,844lb/ft of torque. It’s been paired with a RoadRanger transmission.

“The driver is naturally very happy with the new unit having reported the improved performance, increase in payload while the new HSI Blower is working really well,” said Muller.

Hazell Bros Group runs approximately 52 Kenworth combinations ranging from tippers, agitators, prime movers and a Trout River asphalt unit.

In 2019 it introduced its first A-double combination and added a second late last year.

A new Kenworth K220 has been earmarked to replace one of the current A-double prime movers.

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