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The 2010 ATA/ ARTSA Technical and Maintenance Conference itself was a great success, with more than 280 mechanics, suppliers, manufacturers and industry representatives discussing the latest developments in truck and trailer design, improvements in on-road safety and new technologies to make tomorrow’s trucks better for the environment.

The delegates at TMC also discussed the work our Industry Technical Council is undertaking to develop two new Technical Advisory Procedures, to cover side and rear underrun protection and electronic braking systems in trailers.
The ATA’s Technical Advisory Procedures are highly regarded statements of industry best practice, and already cover issues ranging from wheel security to the best way of improving the visibility of heavy vehicles.

The development of the new advisory procedures is an important part of the ATA’s new strategic plan.

The strategic plan covers the period from 2011-2013, and sets out how the ATA will work to achieve higher levels of safety, compliance, productivity and viability across the trucking industry. As well as the new Technical Advisory Procedures, the ATA will aim to secure:
• national heavy vehicle regulations that meet the industry’s objectives, including national chain of responsibility laws;
• increased knowledge throughout the industry of the importance of fitness for duty;
• research projects into telematics, the effectiveness of fatigue countermeasures such as audio-tactile line marking and truck rest areas, as well as to support the industry’s work on road charging; and
• continued industry promotion and education through the ATA’s events, TruckWeek 2012, and the Road Ahead safety and careers exhibition trailer.

The strategic plan is a key part of the ATA’s efforts to focus on a smaller number of priority issues and make long-term investments in research and policy development.

The ATA will report our progress on implementing the plan through a six-monthly report card for the industry and a briefing and industry parliament at each Australian Trucking Convention.

You can read the full strategic plan at www.atatruck.net.au.

Stuart St Clair

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