Harmonising over dimension regulations

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is working on two projects to harmonise requirements for regulation of over-dimension vehicles within the new national heavy vehicle regulation framework.

Regulations governing the use of over dimension vehicles in Australia including pilots and escorts will be coming under the remit of the new National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). In the lead up to the handover of responsibility for this area, the NTC has two projects aimed at harmonising the requirements for the regulation of the over dimension vehicles.

“One aspect is ensuring that there is a consistent accreditation scheme across the country for training pilot and escort vehicle drivers, and the other is developing consistent guidelines for broader regulation of over dimension vehicles,” said Dr Jeff Potter, NTC Project Director. “This work was identified by our stakeholders during the development of our work programme as a high priority for the NTC as it will improve efficiency for business by making it simpler to comply.”

At the moment, the requirements for accreditation and training of pilots and escort drivers varies across the different states and territories. The NTC has said it will work closely with the trucking industry, Austroads and the new NHVR to develop the national scheme for the NHVR to administer.

The NTC also said also said they have registered concern from people in the transport industry about a general lack of national consistency in how other dimension vehicles are regulated. Changes to the new National Heavy Vehicle Law will be considered in order to address any issues.

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