Greener thinking for Smith’s

Smith’s Snackfood Company has cemented a deal to add 10 Hino Hybrid 300 Series trucks to its fleet to cart its iconic potato chips as well as its other popular snack foods.

These new trucks make Smith’s home to the equal-largest hybrid truck fleet in Australia.

This is the third consecutive year that Smith’s has purchased 10 Hino Hybrid 714s, bringing the total up to 30.

According to Smith’s Service and Distribution Manager, J.P. Smith, the company originally chose to implement Hino Hybrids due to their practicality, cost-saving and environmental benefits.

“We chose to move to hybrid trucks as most of our routes are in major metro areas, therefore we needed a smaller vehicle that could easily access those areas,” Mr Smith said.

“Hino’s Hybrid 714 was chosen because it was easy to drive, could carry the required stock levels, was less expensive to run and because of its environmental benefits.”

The company chose to have the cabs wrapped with Hino’s official Hybrid logo and colour scheme, which is a similar blue to the Smith’s potato chip packet.

These new trucks will join those already in service in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

To ensure drivers utilise all of the Hybrid’s energy-saving technologies to their fullest, they will each undergo Hino Hybrid-specific training with driver training company DECA.
“With such a large portion of our fleet now Hino Hybrids, we want to make sure everyone is properly trained,” said Mr Smith.

“Training with DECA will help us gain the most from our hybrid fleet – we know we will see more efficiency.”

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