Great Whites unveil new “Chrome Editions”

Launched in March 2012, the Great Whites brand of driving lights has generated an almost cult-like following from trucking enthusiasts across Australia, according to Marketing Manager, Shayne Quaile.

First unveiled at the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show in Melbourne, where a bar light submerged in a clear tank of water to create a stunning light effect, the young brand has gone to great lengths to establish itself in Australia.

“One of the key features of our Great Whites is the fact that they are IP68 rated and waterproof up to three metres. What better way to demonstrate this to everyone then by dropping a light inside a tank for the three days of the Truck Show,” says Shayne, revealing that Great Whites lights were engineered to deliver “stunning performance and unprecedented longevity” in a compact design.

Boasting the latest in cutting-edge LED technology, they are supposed to last more than 50,000 hours out in the field. “The unexpectedly soaring demand for these lights has meant that stock has at times been in short supply,” Shayne explains – pointing out that the bull bar manufacturing industry has shown great interest from day one.

“Bull bar manufacturers enjoy designing around the Great Whites Bar Driving Lights as their flexibility allows them the unique benefit of being able to be mounted at any angle,” he says. “The fact that these lights can be mounted vertically on bull bars opens up the opportunities available for truck drivers and owners. No longer are they restricted to round lights placed in front of their radiators grills restricting air flow, they can now place their lights almost anywhere they please.”

But whilst Great Whites development already is an impressive one, the story of success has only just begun. “Passionate customers have been providing valuable feedback about the lights and as a consequence, we are now already launching new additions to the range,” Shayne says.

The new “Chrome Editions” will become the flagship of the extended Great Whites range and further boost the brand’s repute in the bull bar industry, according to Shayne. “They’ve been designed in particular for those who haven’t been shy with chrome detailing on their trucks and want Great Whites that will blend right in with chrome bull bars. The Chrome Editions are available in 18 LED Round and 18 & 12 LED Bar Driving Light configurations.”

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