Grants announced for saleyard improvements

Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese has announced the funding allocations to build or improve the safety and conditions at livestock saleyards and other facilities used by the livestock transport industry throughout Australia.

“This is something the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) fought for and won – it’s real, ‘on the ground’ stuff that means so much to members,” an ALRTA spokesman said.

Funded from Federal grants as well as significant contributions from local governments and private enterprises the total amount involved is $15 million.

The 47 separate projects are included in the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program and will include 119 loading ramps, 42 holding pens, new or improved lighting in 16 yards as well as the installation or upgrades of truck washes, internal road upgrades and new security gates.

One of the largest projects is at the Dubbo Regional Livestock Market where almost $3 million will be invested on upgrading access roads, loading ramps, lighting and improved marking and signage. Dubbo City Council is contributing $1.68 million, while another $1.14 million will be provided by Federal funding.

Another major project involves improving the turning access at the entrance to North Australian Beef Limited’s abattoir outside of Darwin with $2.5 million (including $500,000 from the company) will be spent to enable road trains to safely enter and exit the abattoir with minimal disruption to traffic on the Stuart Highway.

In addition, $1.5 million will be spent on the sealing of all access and surface roads and the truck parking area at the Blackall Saleyards in Queensland, with the local Blackall Tambo Regional Council contributing $300,000 joined by $1.2 million from Canberra. The nearby Tambo Truck Stop will also benefit from $400,000 Federal money and $100,000 from the Council to establish a rest area with potential for spelling livestock in the Tambo yards.

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