Goodride-JOST Wheels

Goodride Tyres Australia is building a strong reputation for delivering the right solution of tyre and wheel packages to suit the wide variety of commercial requirements for both end users and trailer manufacturers.

Fresh from an eventful 2016 that saw the company rebrand with a new theme, logo, website and revamped catalogue, Goodride is confident that the momentum will continue in 2017, especially with its partnership with JOST Australia. The two brands have come together to introduce a new national wheel and tyre package targeted at trailer OEMs and end users.

“This packaged partnership takes full advantage of Goodride’s vast portfolio of Performance-Based Standards (PBS) test tyres and JOST’s wheel product range, along with the company’s network of dealers nationally,” says Rick Halliwell, National Sales & Operational Manager, Goodride Tyres.

With JOST’s products and after market services joining the Goodride mix, Rick describes it as a “perfect union” that fits in with the company’s long-term outlook. “Goodride’s objective is to become a premier national wholesale distributor in Australia with a major focus on growing the PBS-tested tyre range and we’ll continue to invest in this area,” says Rick.

“Goodride has worked extensively with the transport industry and PBS engineers to deliver a tyre offering designed for efficiency and that meets and exceeds PBS standard requirements. With JOST’s products joining the Goodride tyre package mix, we understand the end users’ applications and developed a solution that caters to their requirements. This package means that the customer can make informed decisions of tyre and wheels when specifying the new build of trailers to the manufacturer.”

Accompanied by a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty, the JOST forged alloy wheel series is built to suit Australian conditions. “The forged alloy wheels are available in machined, polished and Superchrome finishes and are also accessible for steel wheel conversions including sleeve nuts,” Rick says. “The JOST wheel range has high resistance to corrosion and environmental contaminants making it ideal for all heavy-duty conditions.”

According to Rick, Goodride has made the strategic decision with JOST to streamline its tyre and wheel package to keep pace with Australia’s evolving and highly competitive transport market. “As any buyer purchasing a new product, we looked at all aspects of where the trailer builders and end users could benefit, and by streamlining this new aftermarket offering with JOST, we have added even more value to the tyre and wheel product range.”

In 2017, the Goodride-JOST tyre and wheel package is already paying dividends with the wheels packaged seamlessly with Goodride’s PBS tyres. “The wheels can be fitted on most PBS combinations as standard,” Rick notes. “This means that a customer wanting larger configurations at higher mass limits can get more weight on board and we have a product that caters to that requirement.”

But it’s the activity in the tyre and wheel aftermarket that will deliver the most value for these two businesses, says Rick. “Goodride Tyres wants to be recognised as a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ across the tyre and wheel segment. By coming together with a well-respected brand in JOST, we understand that the OEM market requires a tyre and wheel package that benefits both the trailer manufacturers and, most importantly, the end users that can take advantage of the 24-7 roadside service and support system. Thankfully, our companies can now offer the complete solution anywhere in Australia and at any time.”

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