Gold bulldog on the road

Along with a gold bulldog hood ornament, the Mack Pedigree driveline is now available on the Mack Trucks 2011 product range. This Pedigree driveline uses a combination of MP8 SCR engine, Mack transmission and Mack axles.

The first gold bulldog adorned Mack vehicle to come off the line at Mack’s Wacol factory in Brisbane will be delivered to the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) in the next few weeks.

The new truck is one of eight 2011 Euro 5 Mack Granites that are being ordered by the RTA. These trucks will be used by the RTA’s road sealing crew.

These vehicles feature the Mack T310 10 speed transmission coupled with an MP8 435 engine and heavy duty Mack S440 axles.

“I am pleased to once again be producing Pedigree Mack trucks here in Australia. The Elite drivetrains, complete with gold bulldog, are now available for the Granite and Trident models and I am extremely proud of the performance of these vehicles. Drivers can expect to see many more gold dogs on our roads in coming months,” said Mack Trucks General Manager, Dean Bestwick.

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