Go with the Flow

Following its successful introduction to the European market, IVECO’s latest heavy-duty S-Way range arrives Downunder.
IVECO S-Way B-double on the move.

There have been some significant local changes for IVECO locally as it transitions from operating its long-established manufacturing facility in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong, to become totally focused on being an importer of trucks, now including the latest S-Way models.

A new local engineering and validation facility is under construction near the site of the former factory and the extensive IVECO dealer network has been provided with direction and support for spare parts, training and tooling.

A global product, the S-Way has been designed in Germany and Italy, with local input relative to some of the unique aspects of trucks operating in Australia and New Zealand such as revised air tank and battery box positions and an additional cross member and fuel tank on the AS B-Double model.

The S-Way trucks are assembled in Madrid, Spain and use engines produced at the company’s Bourbon-Lancy plant in France.

Already a popular seller in Europe and the recipient of several industry awards, the S-Way increased IVECO’s heavy duty market share in that region considerably in the months following its launch.

In the Australian and New Zealand market the S-Way model is available in both rigid (6×2, 6×4, and 8×4 with load sharing front suspension) and prime mover (4×2 and 6×4) configurations.

There are three cab options with Active Day (AD), Active Time (AT) and the largest of all, Active Space (AS). Additionally, three cab height options are available across the range to provide a similar yet more comprehensive heavy-duty line-up than was available previously.

To be confident the S-Way will be fit-for-purpose in local applications some 13,000 hours of validation work has already been carried out specific to Australian and New Zealand operators’ requirements.

Other extensive trials which were performed in Europe were not given as much consideration due to Australia’s different payload and axle weights, speeds and ambient temperatures.

There is a choice of four wheelbases for prime mover variants while the rigids offer ten wheelbase options. Multiple GVM specs across the entire range provide a spread of options and specification choice and makes the S-Way well-positioned to cater for a broad array of applications including general freight and refrigeration work in both single trailer and B-double configurations, tipper and dog duties and more specialised rigid applications.

Comfort levels of the cabs are enhanced with good ergonomics and plenty of space thanks to the low floor which also enhances access to the new bunks and mattresses on the sleeper models.

IVECO S-Way cockpit.
IVECO S-Way cockpit.

The under-bunk fridges have been increased in size by 30 per cent and now can have up to 100-litre capacity. Seating consists of new ISRI driver and passenger suspension seats with additional adjustments to provide adequate movement for even very tall drivers.

The new steering wheel is typical of the current trend to incorporate multiple function controls at the driver’s fingertips. AT and AS models are equipped with an ADR 42-compliant sleeper with an upper bunk which can be used for additional storage or as a passenger bed.

AS models feature an electric roof hatch as standard (optional with high roof sleeper cab on AT models). The IVECO engine range begins with the 8.7-litre Cursor 9 which produces 360hp and 1,650Nm of torque. Next step is the 11.1-litre Cursor 11 which produces 460hp from 1,500 to 1,900rpm and 2150Nm of torque from 925 to 1,500rpm.

The 12.9-litre Cursor 13 is available with a 530hp rating at between 1,600 to 1,900rpm and torque of 2,400Nm from 950 to 1,500rpm. A second Cursor 13 rating sees it produce 550hp from 1,605 to 1,900rpm with peak torque of 2,500Nm from 1,000 to 1605rpm. All engines use IVECO’s patented HI-eSCR emission control technology which is a single after-treatment system featuring a passive DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).

An engine stop-start anti-idling function contributes to fuel efficiency. All of the available engines are also fully compatible with second generation biofuels but IVECO seems to be no longer interested in gas as a fuel which was a focus a few years ago. Transmissions are the latest versions from ZF, the 12-speed commonly known as the AS Tronic and the 16-speed Traxon.

In S-Way installations both now referred to as “Hi-Tronix” and all are direct drive units.

During a drive of a 550hp B-double combination the transmission impresses with delivering fast gear changes and keeping the engine tacho within the green band and we look forward to the opportunity to take one onto the highway and experience the ‘HI-CRUISE’ function, a GPS-predictive driving system which integrates cruise control and certain transmission functions to interact to manage speed control, gear selection and Eco-roll in the most fuel-efficient way.

The system evaluates continually and in real-time, considering the road profile ahead of the vehicle using GPS, 3D maps and current working conditions, when taking into account GCW (Gross Combination Weight) and the overall drag coefficient. According to these parameters and driver settings, the truck defines the optimal speed and gear (including coasting in neutral) in order to conserve fuel.

The renowned ZF Intarder is available on selected models. Safety is a highlighted factor in the S-Way range and all models feature Advanced Emergency Braking System, Brake Assistance System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning System, Electronic Stability Program with ABS (disc brakes all round) and ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation), Hill Holder and Driver Style Evaluation plus Driver Attention Support (DSE and DAS). DAS checks the driver’s level of attention by analysing steering wheel movements.

The new IVECO S-Way at its media launch day in Australia.
The new IVECO S-Way at its media launch day in Australia.

If a state of drowsiness is detected, a message on the screen and an audible signal prompt the driver to stop for a rest. DSE analyses data and provides driving advice in real-time which is displayed within the instrument cluster or can be accessed on smart phones using the ‘My IVECO – Easy Way’ app.

Automatic headlights and windscreen wipers are standard and the electronic technology extends to the IVECO DRIVER PAL which is powered by Amazon Alexa, and is available as an option on selected models and allows drivers to conveniently operate all in-cabin controls through voice commands.

Externally, this is the most imposing IVECO ever, due to its purposeful and contemporary European styling.

The design of the cab incorporates a front -bumper which features integrated deflectors and corner fins, and along with a reshaped roof, new aerodynamic kit (an added cost option), integrated foldable step, optimised mirror design and new door and wheel arch designs.

A much better drag co-efficient has been achieved. This improvement in aerodynamic performance compared to earlier heavy-duty IVECO models can result in fuel efficiency increases of up to three per cent.

The attention to improved airflows includes an innovative cover on the A-pillars which reduces drag while minimising water stripes and droplets on driver and passenger windows when raining, improving visibility and safety. Side mirrors have also been repositioned to improve rear and side visibility.

At the media launch of the S-Way, IVECO Australia Managing Director Michael May put forth the notion the OEM was looking to become a “humble competitor”.

The S-Way range already looks to be more than capable to go well beyond that, with its efficient and proven drivetrains, safety systems and driver-friendly functional cabs.

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