GMK steps up to the challenge

For most people Boxing Day 2012 was a time to relax and maybe recover from over-indulging the day before, but not for GMK Logistics’ Managing Director, Sharon Kane. The only other significant player in the specialised floor covering transport and logistics segment, Paloga, had gone into liquidation, and everyone knew it was time to act.

Not only did Sharon and her team see Paloga’s liquidation as an incredible opportunity for GMK, but the floor covering industry as a whole looked to them for what was essentially salvation from a very difficult situation after the liquidators had locked everything up and no deliveries were being made.

In hindsight, Sharon is still amazed how far the team at GMK managed to turn the situation around. “In terms of the flooring industry being able to keep their revenue going, it would not have been possible without us doing it. By mid January, we had ensured that the freight of Paloga’s former customers was moving again, and the entire backlog cleared by end of that month. It may not have been perfect with the paperwork, but at the time it was essential to get the product moving. Flooring product is the heart and lungs of our clients and without it their businesses would die,” she recalls.

“Boxing Day was exciting but very scary, but I’m not scared now. There is a lot of pressure regarding deadline management, but we are meeting them,” says Sharon – who abandoned plans for her first three-week vacation in ten years and set about implementing the biggest change ever to the GMK operation.

As a result, GMK’s business has essentially doubled during the first quarter of 2013, and the overall turnover is now eight times what it was just five years ago. To understand how they were able to achieve this remarkable result, you need to look back at the history of this family-controlled enterprise.


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