Global Isuzu President commends record-breaking Australian performance

Isuzu Trucks closed out 2023 with another sales record, delivering 13,658 trucks to Australian businesses for 28.6 per cent total market share.

Isuzu Motors Limited (IML) President, Representative Director and COO, Shinsuke Minami, celebrated Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) unbroken 35-year Australian truck market leadership run as he attended the company’s annual National Dealer Meeting in Sydney.

While addressing the gathered Isuzu Trucks dealer representatives at the National Dealer Meeting, Minami commented on challenges facing the road transport industry globally, from technology advancements to supply chain pressures and carbon neutral objectives.

He also acknowledged the exemplary sales performance of the local subsidiary and the role IAL plays as a leader in broader Isuzu worldwide operations.

IAL Managing Director and CEO, Takeo Shindo, said it was a pleasure and honour for the whole of the Isuzu Australia organisation to host Minami at the annual dealer business meeting.

“This yearly gathering of IAL and our dealer partners is where we celebrate our success and discuss our ongoing plans to provide the road transport industry with the market’s leading product and service support offering,” he said.

Shindo noted that Australia is considered one of the great success stories for Isuzu globally.

“Isuzu is extremely proud of its long-term success in Australia, borne from strong relationships both with the dealers and our customers,” he said.

“This is something that Isuzu continually invests in, ensuring we provide solutions to answer our customers’ road transport needs.

“That includes the new models we have coming in the next few years which will deliver on the ever-changing requirements of the industry and customers alike.”

While in Australia, Minami also visited major dealerships Westar Truck Centre in Melbourne and Suttons Motors in Sydney to get a first-hand look at Australian dealer operations.

Minami’s visit to Australia, according to IAL, comes at a pivotal time for the global commercial road transport OEM, with high industry expectations following the recent launch of an all-new range of light to heavy-duty truck models including zero-exhaust emission driveline models.

IAL Director and COO, Andrew Harbison, said Minami’s visit marks the beginning of a ‘hugely significant year’ as IAL commences the launch and release program of its all-new model range.

“IAL supports a vast array of road-transport applications and businesses operating across the myriad of Australian industry, but ultimately, our enduring success comes down to a very simple proposition—purpose-built product, sold, serviced and supported by Australia’s most comprehensive and professional dealer network,” he said.

“The past 35 years have been extraordinary for Isuzu in Australia, and we see a bright future ahead for the company.

“As evidenced by this visit, we are fully supported by the very top people at Isuzu and that confidence is felt by the dealers, and ultimately, our customers.”

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