Glen Cameron Group escalates commitment to Euro 6

Transport solutions specialist, Glen Cameron Group, has added to its growing fleet of Euro 6 rated commercial vehicles as it works towards adopting the latest in emissions reductions and fuel efficiency as a default standard for its entire fleet.

The Victorian-based national fleet saw four new Mercedes-Benz Actros 2643s delivered for use in its demanding Melbourne metropolitan operations this week.

Each Actros 2643 comes with a full safety pack, sleeper cab, windshield guard, ergonomic entry with what is now iconic distinct yellow steps.

The Mercedes-Benz Euro 6 high-efficiency engine is designed to reduce particulate matter by as much as 99 per cent and drastically limit the emission of nitrogen oxides by 97 per cent.

A further saving of more than seven per cent can be seen in fuel economy.

Daimler Truck & Bus Australia previously delivered four Euro 6 Actros 2643 trucks to Glen Cameron Group for its Coles account in June 2018.

Shane Coates Glen Cameron Group Asset Manager said he has been very pleased with the performance of the trucks having had ample time to evaluate their operation and efficiency in a testing application.

The latest 11-litre units also feature yellow and 'Going Green' signage.

Coates estimated that nearly 50 per cent of the company fleet in Victoria was now Euro 6 rated and in the next 12 months he expected that figure would rise as high as 95 per cent.

“We've placed a huge emphasis on replacing our older fleet and we're going to continue to be active in reducing our impact on the environment while delivering the best service for our customers with the best equipment available,” he said.

As Japanese light vehicles were not yet rated for Euro 6 or its equivalent, the percentage of Euro 5 vehicles transitioned to the latest European emissions standard at Glen Cameron Group would be lower, but the technology is coming, it’s not far away according to Coates.

“In the next 12 to 18 months I expect the percentage of trucks in our national fleet, which is also undergoing the same transition, will be at around 70 per cent in meeting with Euro 6 emissions standard engine technology,” he said

“For our size that's a major commitment, transitioning to Euro 6 technology within a relatively short period.” 

Glen Cameron Group operates over 1000 trucks and trailers across the country with an average age of between three and three and a half years.

The median age of the average Australian fleet 4.5 tonne and above gross vehicle mass is nearly 14.7 years according to statistics released last year by the Truck Industry Council.

As part of its recent new year procurements Glen Cameron Group also took delivery of a pair of new Euro 6 Volvo FE 320s, earmarked for interstate pick-up and delivery.

These buckleless 14-pallet curtainsiders will replace existing Euro 4 and Euro 5 commercial vehicles at present working in the PUD division.

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