Geotab doubles down on new telematics services

Connected transport solutions company, Geotab, has stepped up its offerings, by providing its customers an enhanced user experience with a new dashcam and a seamless way to manage it.

Transportation telematics company, Geotab, has timed the Australian introduction of its Marketplace Order Now program, with the launch of a new video telematics solution, for good reason.

The two initiatives work hand-in-hand, allowing operators to add an extra layer of knowledge and security through the video solution, but also a platform to ensure the user experience is enhanced.

Sensata INSIGHTS, a global industrial technology company, is Geotab’s first participating partner.

“Order Now allows Geotab customers to access a marketplace of solutions with deeply integrated capabilities to the Geotab telematics platform, providing the best user experience,” says Geotab Vice President, Latin America, Asia and Australia, Sean Killen. “We chose Sensata INSIGHTS to launch the program in Australia based on our customers’ demand to have streamlined access to a high-quality video technology to help improve fleet safety, reduce insurance-related costs and support drivers while on the road.”

Geotab is a global leader in data collection, focusing primarily on providing fleet management solutions that allow operators to harness a variety of asset data. With more than 3.2 million connected vehicles globally, including 750,000 connected heavy trucks, it partners with some of biggest fleets in the world. A privately held company, with its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, Geotab now has offices around the globe including Adelaide.

Partnering with Sensata means access to its broad portfolio of sensors, electrical protection components and sensor solutions. Sensata INSIGHTS is providing Geotab the KP2, a modular high-definition, road-facing dash camera, offering road and optional driver-facing visibility.

“Drivers are a fleet’s greatest asset, and their safety is a top priority,” says the Director of Product Strategy at Sensata INSIGHTS, Aaron Kim. “Adding our solutions to the Order Now program, starting with our KP2 camera, enables Geotab customers to choose a video telematics solution that best serves their fleet and provides them with intelligent insights that can help improve driver safety, as well as video footage to help protect themselves against litigation.”

The KP2 is a modular high-definition road facing dash camera that also includes a driver facing option. The camera and its capabilities connect the dots between on-road events and driver actions. For fleet operators this means not only will they see why something may have occurred, but they can get the insights into why it occurred.

It also has advanced driver assistant systems that help drivers avoid collisions and lane departures.

The integration with Geotab is seamless, with customers simply logging into Geotab, adding the camera, and then pairing it with the corresponding vehicle.

Partnering with other companies means, for Geotab, being able to offer a wide range of third-party applications, add-ons and integrations, and leads to greater innovations in data intelligence, operational performance, safety and sustainability solutions. In fact, Geotab recently announced a partnership with Australian company, Logmaster, which provides electronic work diary and fatigue compliance management systems.

Meanwhile, the new Geotab Marketplace Order Now program facilitates the purchases of the hardware Add-Ons, software Add-Ins and Geotab GO9 devices. Third-party hardware and software solutions are also available through the program. Designed to enhance the user experience, Geotab says the program provides its customers seamless ordering, delivery and after-sales support for solutions allowing them to expand their fleet management solutions with the click of a button.

Image source: Geotab.
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