Fuso unveils truck specifically designed for women

Japanese truck brand Fuso has unveiled new concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show. Alongside a hybrid truck designed with women in mind, Fuso also displayed an all-new strategic truck for Asia and Africa – tailored and designed to meet the operator requirements in developing markets.

Under the company’s overall Show theme of 'Building Together', Fuso said its aim is to make trucks and buses more familiar to the public through various interactive elements, such as an iPad fuel-efficiency driving game simulator and a 'design-your-own truck and bus’ paper craft model.

Developed by a project team of nine female core members, the Canter Eco Hybrid ‘Canna’ design concept model aspires to change the commercial vehicles industry to make it a more attractive place to work for women professionals. The name ‘Canna' is a derivative word from 'Kannazuki' – the Japanese word for October – the month of its birth in the traditional Japanese calendar.

The Fuso FI is a robust and fuel-efficient truck aimed to reinforce the company's leadership in some growth markets in Asia and Africa. Launched in May this year, the custom-tailored trucks are already being sold in Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Zambia. The trucks will be sold through Fuso’s global network to a total of 15 markets in Asia and Africa in the first phase, with further markets currently being evaluated.

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